What We Offers
Hiring of 30 to 1000 KVA Of Diesel Generator Sets
DG Sets on Hire Available for Companies & Project Sites
Diesel Generators on Hire for Events, Functions, Exhibitions on Daily, Weekly & Monthly Basis
Mobile Vans
Sound Proof Mobile Generator Vans
Dealers For New Generator Sets 30 KVA TO 1000 KVA.
Major and Minor Overhauling Of D.G.Sets.
Consultancy For Old DG Sets
Annual Maintenance Contracts Of DG Sets.
Spare Parts Dealing & Repairing.
We can give 3000 kva D.g.set in syncronise.
Silent D.G. Set On Hire In Maharashtra
Diesel Generator Van in Mumbai
Diesel Generator on hire in Maharashtra
Soundproof Diesel Generator Set in Mumbai